RV Painting

Rick Valdez

Over 40 Years Experience

  • Epoxy Floors
  • Custom Faux & Glazing
  • Exterior Wood Treatments
  • Custom Residential
  • Interior/Exterior Re-Paints

As a client with RV Painting & Sandblasting you will get over 40 years experience in all types of painting from some of the largest industrial and commercial projects done in the country to custom homes and re-paints for individuals. All clients receive a high quality paint job done in a safe and timely manner, no matter how small or large the project is. All work is guaranteed.

RV Painting uses all the latest equipment and technology available for paint application and surface preparation to achieve a long lasting and great finished product. All materials used on houses and epoxy floors are the best paints available and the best epoxy floor systems on the market.

We specialize in cabinet refinishing, furniture refinishing, re-paints and can remove & re-texture over wallpapered walls. Also custom glazing on walls and faux finishing. We have coated over 4 million square feet of concrete with our epoxy floor systems over the last 30 years. Our epoxy floors are second to none.


RV Painting, Sandblasting and Specialty Coatings | 631 South 600 East Payson Ut 84651


Painting custom homes throughout the state of Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.
All types of wood oil treatment, cabins, timbers, and fences.
Floor Coating Systems, Commercial, Industrial, and houses.
Certified applicator of USDA coating in food handling and dairy facilities.
Membrane Roofing Coating state wide Certified Speed Liner Dealer and Applicator in 14 different colors with bedliners available.

FD Thomas - Micron Lehi Ut


Lehi Utah

Plural Compent Coatings. Over 2 million sq ft of Epoxy Floor Systems. Clean Room Coating

Micron Boise Idaho

Complete Coating 3 FAB Building

Intel Portland Oregon

Complete Coating D1C FAB

Intel Chandler Arizona

Complete Coating Chemical Storage Facility

Gilbert Arizona

Complete Coating System Test Facility of Satalies

Containment Storage Big Pine Wyoming

Applied membrane and polyurea coating. Coated 400,000 sq ft pond liners for Jonas Oil Field

6 Miles Penstock Northern California

Sandblast and Poly coat to inside of Penstock also coated 3 miles exterior pipe

Intake Chamber Powerhouse Northern California

Sandblasting Coating and Waterproofing

SLC Water Treatment Plant

Blasting and Spray Foam Membrane coating to Digesters

Del Monte Fresh Produce - Kunia Processing Plant

PAINTER 1999 TO 2004

Power wash and prep miscellaneous buildings, interior and exterior. Latex paint system. Alkid primer and industrial finish.

Applications: Airless and conventional spray, brush and roll

Contact: Kosta Voinavitch, Project Engineer 808-621-1245

Wailuku Pump Station_ Kiewit Pacific Company

Sandblast and power wash existing building. Apply penetration corrosion inhibitor and 100% patch Uni-Crete patching
system. Concrete spalling repair, Epoxy injection. Apply full Elastomeric system to existing system.

Application: Airless spray, conventional spray, brush and roll.

Contact: Dave Taylor, Maui Waste Water Management Project Engineer 808-243-7417

Jess B Worthington, Inc


Lahaina Wet Well Rehab - Kiewit Pacific Company

Sandblast and power wash. Full concrete system over new rebar. Apply Blome Reinforcing 100% solids
epoxy system to interior wet wall.

Applications: Airless and conventional spray

Contact: Mike Rattle, Project Engineer 808-879-6369

Wailuku Septage and Receiving_ Kiewit Pacific Company

Surface preparation and installation of T-Lock PVC Liner. Apply epoxy system and aliphatic urethane system.

Applications: Airless and conventional spray

Contact: Dave Taylor, Maui Waste Water Management Project Engineer 808-243-7417

Holualoa Pump Station-Kiewit Pacific Company 1997-1998

Below grade water proofing membranes. T-Lock PVC Liner. Tnemic epoxy system and full Elastomeric
system for exterior color coding and architectural painting for interiors.

Applications: Airless and conventional spray

Four Seasons Waste Water Treatment Plant- Kiewit Pacific Company

Sandblast, power wash and apply special coatings, epoxy, aliphatic, urethane, and architectural painting.
Applications: Airless and conventional spray

Kailua Waste Treatment Plant, Wet Well Rehab- Kiewit Pacific Co 1996-1997

Sandblasting, power washing and chemical clean interior of wet well. Install Sewarguard lining system.
Urethane injection to stop ground seepage. Trowel-on concrete re-build system. Full 1005 solids epoxy
trowel-on coating.

Ewa Pump Station by Gentry- Kiewit Pacific Company

Below grade water proofing. T-lock PVC Liner Plate. Epoxy and Latex systems. Elastomeric deck coating

Applications: Airless and conventional spray

Fort Kamehameha Waste Water Treatment Plant, #1 and 2 Digesters- Kiewit Pacific Company

Sandblast and prep two (2) new digester roofs. Apply Rustoleum high-build epoxy system and
Rustoleum high-build aliphatic urethane system. Apply Sika epoxy seam sealer system.

Application: Airless and conventional spray

Contact: Preston Iha, Plant Manager- 808-471-9703

Jerry Reining, ROICC-MIDPAC- 808-471-2219

Fort Kamehameha Waste Treatment Plant- Alaka'i Mechanical 1995-1996

Upgrade sandblasting and water blasting below grade water proofing. Epoxy coating, 1005 solids urethane coating.

Applications: Airless and conventional spray. Plural component pumps for urethane application.

Contact: Preston Iha, Plant Manager- 808-471-9703

Jerry Reining, ROICC-MIDPAC 808-471-2219

Kihei Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion- F&H General Contractor

Surface preparation and application of epoxy system. Color coding and labeling. Application of architectural painting
of exterior and interior of building.

Applications: Airless and conventional spray.

Contact: Mike Ratte- 808-879-6369

Hilo Waste Water Treatment Plant Phase #2-Sonomura Company

Complete waterproofing, sandblasting and water blasting, interior epoxy systems with full exterior architectural paint.

Las Vegas Waste Water Treatment Plant

Full epoxy and urethane system, both interior and exterior also architectural painting

San Francisco/ Oceanside Waste Water Treatment Plant-Olsen Ohbayashi

Complete preparation, special coating, and architectural painting of all structures

Blythe, CA Waste Water Treatment Plant- Stetten Construction

Complete preparation and coating of treatment plant, tanks, and piping

Henderson, NV Waste Water Treatment Plant- Stetten Construction

Complete fiberglass lining coating, waterproofing, masonry sealer. Color coding of pipe through entire plant.

Waianae Waste Water Treatment Plant- Kiewit Pacific Company

Complete waterproofing and T-lock, interior and exterior coatings, and masonry sealers and elastomeric deck coatings of
all facilities. Apply Crandles 100% solids urethane system.

Applications: Plural component pumps, airless and conventional spray.

Robert McMullan & Sons, Inc


Admiral Thomas Condominium

Water blasting, complete caulking and repaint 35-story high-rise. Complete elastomeric system.

Miscellaneous Schools-State of Hawaii

Complete repainting and water blasting.

Kahi Power Plant- Hawaii Electric Company

Special coating, blasting and deck coatings.

Primary Clarifier Tank- Honolulu, Hawaii

Complete re-blast and three (3) coat Plasite system

Shell Oil, Refinery- Honolulu, Hawaii

Waterblast and repaint all piping and miscellaneous tanks.

Maui District Base Yard

Complete waterblast and repaint several buildings for DOT

Transoceanic Cable Ship- Charles Brown

Full sandblast and repaint and containment of freezer section and fresh water tank while in dry dock.

Hawaiian Electric Company

Waterblast and complete paint job, epoxy system of Turbin #9 on shut down.

Kahi Power Plant- Hawaiian Electric Company

Complete preparation and repaint top three (3) sections of Units 3 3, 4, 5, &6 while in operation with full Carboline
epoxy and urethane system.

Tripler Military Hospital- Core of Engineers

Complete repaint, waterproofing and plaster repairs of all exterior surfaces of buildings.

Pearl Harbor, Fort Island- Core of Engineers

Complete sandblast and epoxy system of Camels & Separators structures for nuclear subs to moor to.

Pearl Harbor 36' Main Drinking Water Line

Complete sandblasting, containment and full epoxy system on exterior of pipe.

Manele Bay Hotel- Hawaiian Dredging

Complete interior paint, wallpaper and texture coating of 280 units

Aloha Stadium- State of Hawaii

Complete containment of sections, full sandblast, three (3) coat painting system, elastomeric deck coating, epoxy

Robert McMullan & Son


Yaquina Bay Bridge- State of Oregon

Complete sandblast and three (3) coat paint system

JL Manta


Inter-Mountain Power Project-McDonnell-Douglas

Sandblast and full paint job, two- unit coal fire power plant

Donald Brothers Coating


Vandenberg Air Force Base

Special coating on 1st Space Shuttle

Titan Missle Project- McDonnel Douglas

Complete new paint and repaint all buildings

Murphy Industrial Coatings


Chevron, Bechtel

Complete sandblast and repaint off-shore oil platforms.

Quaker State Tank Farm & Bulk Plant- Long Beach California

Complete repaint and sandblasting

Lundeen Coatings

FOREMAN 1982-1984

Sandblasting and painting miscellaneous bridges all over California and Oregon

660' Smoke Stacks- Jim Bridger Wyoming

Plasite system

Clark Painting Company


Sinclair Oil Refinery- Rawlings, Wyoming

Sandblast and paint 54 storage tanks.

Jim Bridger Power Plant- Rock Springs, Wyoming

Complete paint job and special coatings.

Henderson Steel Plant- Las Vegas, Nevada

Unit#9, complete repaint and all special coatings

American Bridge Iron Ore Plant- Atlantic City, Wyoming

Stainless steel painting, airless and conventional spray

Brown Lee Dam- Halfway, Oregon

Complete new paint job

Union 76 Sweetwater Uranium Project- Rawlings, Wyoming

All Painting, fiberglass and special coating.

Phillips 66 Main Terminal- St Louis Missouri

Whole tank farm, blasting, painting and fiberglass

Chevron Tank Farm- Tahiti

Fiberglass tank bottom, whole tank farm.

Suntan River Project- Monroe, Washington

Engineer- Bechtel, Six Mile Penstock

Complete white metal blast. Six (6) coat vinyl system inside 12' pipe

Licensed and Insured